You've Found A Secret Page!

In addition to being a voice actor, I am also a web developer.
As such, I have built this website myself.

Rather than using a web builder (such as Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress), I used React.js and Gatsby.js - a frontend framework used by web developers.
React.js allows me to compartmentalize different parts of the website into components, while Gatsby allows me to render the Javascript-filled pages into lightning fast HTML/CSS wherever applicable.

While no CSS library was used, as I like my css to be completely custom, I used Scss, a CSS preprocessor was used, in order to nest my CSS - making styling much cleaner.

While this setup seems much more complicated (and definitely is) for anyone first starting to make a website, this allows to do what I love to do with my websites - make absolutely everything custom.

Even small things, such as the audio player in the Demos page, as well as both the tables in the Portfolio and Contact pages are completely custom.

If you want a more in depth explanation or some source code, send me an email at!